Ostrich (Struthio camelus)

Ostrich (Struthio camelus)

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Standing 2.4 m tall (8 ft) and weighing 135 Kg (300 pounds), the Common Ostrich is the largest living bird. Ostriches cannot fly, but have heavily developed leg muscles and can maintain speeds of 60 km/h to escape predators.

These birds feed on seeds and large insects. Males develop bright red coloring on the legs and neck when in breeding condition and both sexes conduct an elaborate, prolonged mating dance. There is a local myth that the polished stones (gastroliths) found in Ostriches are diamonds or other precious stones (they aren't).


Ostrich breeding behaviour in the Serengeti ecosystem, Tanzania was investigated for differences in laying dates between low altitude western area (WA) and high altitude eastern area (EA) populations. Ostriches in WA laid eggs significantly earlier than in EA. The differences could be attributed to topography and rainfall pattern. Reliable rains in lower altitudes ensure availability of food that in turn influences the whole process of the reproductive cycle. Clutches were contributed by several females with a nest having up to 38 eggs. We also compared the frequency of observation of predators, ostriches, nests, ‘singletons’ (single eggs laid randomly) and broods between the two area

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To book or to have a safari itinerary just send us email on info@shayonasafaris.com our staff will reply you as soon as possible to your inquiries. we do all hotels and lodges bookings also , and yes we do also special and public camping also.

Where to start my safari from?

Well , mwanza is the best location to start your wildlife adventure from , where you can pass through western corridor of serengeti , and pass through grumeti river where huge nile crocodiles and hippos stay together in the same river.

When to visit serengeti and ngorongnro

Serengeti and ngorongoro can be visited through out the year at any time as every single day there is a unique wildlife and wild animal view , except for migration game view on the month of july and august were huge amount wildbeast and zebras cross mara river.